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Velo aventures au Québec

Tremblant; the summer adventure

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Some adventures a little beyond the bike path


Once travelling on the bike trail network some noteworthy sites beyond the circuit deserve some consideration such as what is possible to uncover once travelling on the # 2 trail north of Montreal which with some guts brings the daring in reach of noteworthy stops such as the highest peak in the region which is Tremblant which can be visited in the summer months using the gondola. The view from the top is astounding and apart from having us understand that the peak itself seems to tower above everything else further west which just disintegrates to insignificance also has us realise that there is montainous scenery east of the mountain within Tremblant park adjacent to the mountain...Furthermore those which really need to risk their hide going downhill on a bike can try their luck on some of the trails . I in personally lacking the guts to go downhill skiing in mid summer took the gondola down and got a good dose of vertigo in the process without risking a limb.

Every time I visit the Laurentians the area never ceases to astound me with some previously overlooked magic to uncover here and there either in the form of some town with some little architectural gems from another era or some scenic spot which I previously hadn't remarked. Thus recently I ended up on a beach which considering all the beaches there are to uncover isn't that amazing unless you end up in some far corner which just makes the place a little more exotic, that is if you end up somewhere beyond urban congestion like along the Baskatong reservoir several miles from civilisation but strangely enough so close to all the conveniences of home thus making the fishing or the sun bathing (or whatever ) all the more pleasant if you actually can consider the advantages of fine cuisine or a fine pastry within the premise of a fine hotel that is awkwardly situated at the end of a an amazingly narrow peninsula in the middle of an ocean which considering the size of many lakes will give you more than enough room to explore in search of  that trophy sized fish....I actually didn't stop to enjoy the extravaganza, but I got a taste of it visiting the small store within the premises of the hotel to catch in the act the pastry girl taking out the most appetizing pecan pie from the oven !

Click here to get the link to the place on the lake !


Link to some images from the summit

link to the foot of the mountain !

The place affectionately called "La pointe a David" (David's point) has been in existence for over 50 years and is in business all year round serving snowmobilers in the off season with facilities which not only include the basics but also can accommodate office staff with room space for small business reunions. In terms of of assuring quality entertainment there is a small grand piano to give more spice to the adventure even if most folks wouldn't mind the bar without mention of the liquor store to stock up for cozier escapades including in their quest for that trophy sized fish ! Furthermore if the place for some reason or another becomes too boring, the other outfitters in the immediate vicinity can definitely cure you of the boredom there is of being stuck to the same bar if ever you become that desperate !  I for one was simply amazed to encounter so many beer trucks delivering the brew to so many places in the middle of nowhere !

While in this instance I really did go beyond what is typically expected for trail goers which more typically call mont Laurier the end of the line, my curiosity begged me to just go take a look within the void of the wilderness beyond what common wisdom advises. Being more adventurous I would have tried to get a taste of all there is to drink within those places along that road beyond urban congestion where people seem to congregate. I even found an advertisement for a happy hour special along the road leading there ! (Just makes you wonder where they get their after hour patrons in the middle of nowhere... )

After such an escapade into fishermen wonderland I took the road towards loftier quests namely the discovery of the region by air which as best accomplished climbing one of the mounds with a communications antenna at the summit (in order to avoid doing some real mountain climbing). At first I set my quest on mont Sir Wilfrid (better known under the name of “montagne du Diable” or Devil`s mountain) which tends to give a deceptive bird’s eye view of the Laurentians and highlights a very high hill at the horizon east, south east of the point of observation which is claimed as being Tremblant but still remained a mystery at least for me. Then with due consideration for the fact that the scenery doesn’t show anything mountainous I opted for the really groovy hill which is Tremblant. Furthermore a most amazing infrastructure is to be found in the vicinity notwithstanding the pastoral beauty of the place reminding me of what rural Quebec looked like several decades past.




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Subsequently in my quest for some lesser known gems in the form of fabulous hills I felt obliged to pursue my escapade beyond the well known treasures to be found along the bike path including the little towns which each hold some special magic namely St Agathe where I briefly stopped the time to store up on food and take some pictures of the downtown section with its assoirtments of shops, cafés and bars nestled within buildings of another era. I subsequently took the path further south east towards St Lucie and beyond on a lesser known road with the hopes of uncovering that special place that brings the hills into focus namely the forgotten ski slope which is deemed as giving a bird's eye view of Montreal . Unfortunately in my quest for hills I just didn't take the right turn once it arrived preferring to pursue my course on the small road leading towards the town of Entrelacs with the hopes of uncovering some good scenery at the junction in vicinity to the road leading towards violon lake. I definitely would have been happier taking that turn at the proper time once it arrived considering the drop in the road towards hills that for once seemed to tower noticeably above ... The included pictures gives a hint of what is implied namely the first picture of that road going down several hundred feet I did not dare take (the picture does an injustice to the actual drop)... After reviewing a detailed road map, my error became apparent.


Previous pictures I took from the summit of the Kaiicop summit give an indication of the scenery to uncover


Irrespective of the deception , the ordeal was worth the ticket...